Case Study

Valuation and Sale of Pharmaceutical Assets


Sadly, a breakdown in a research contract between a pharmaceutical company and local government led to 114 assets requiring a valuation. This was initially for insurance purposes but with a potential view for becoming asset sales too.

The culmination of the job let to a decision to dispose of the assets. As a result, Hickman Shearer were instructed to maximise the sale value through an online auction of the pharmaceutical assets.


With our extensive specialist knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, we used market research to perform an insurance valuation. This was through a direct approach to find the RCN of the assets.

Building on this, we then re-visited the site to work our way through the assets and establish them as lots for sale. This included describing and photographing each in detail. The assets for the sale were then marketed extensively and sold via an online timed-auction platform.

The final stage was managing the collection and clearance of the site through to completion.


The key result was that ALL of the assets were sold. This meant no assets remained on site and full clearance of the unit was achieved.

As a consequence, our predicted market value was reached, while we also achieved well over the desired outcome for the client.


A quick note of thanks for all your efforts selling our surplus laboratory equipment. It was good to work with you and the second auction was a great idea – thank you!

A satisfactory ending and a great result for all.


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