Leasing and Finance Sector Join Insiders Event

Many From Across the Leasing and Finance Sector Joined Hickman Shearer at their Inaugural Insiders Event

The event at the MINI Factory in Oxford on the 20th October, explored ‘how will decarbonisation impact machinery and equipment funding?’. Hosted by Hickman Shearer who are asset valuation, sales and management experts; the specially developed agenda attracted many who wanted to know and understand more about how the leasing and finance industry needs to respond to the sustainability conundrum.

Speakers included Tim Campbell, from Campbells Consultancy who offered insights on how to evaluate and make the switch to electric, what were the influences both locally and globally, what potentially are the solutions and what can be done now and in the future.

Tim was then joined by James Wallace from Elysia Battery Intelligence from WAE Technologies. James took attendees through how unlocking the full potential of battery systems is going to be critical. In order to achieve the full potential of the electrification revolution, the hardware and usage agnostic software will need to be able to give a complete understanding of battery degradation.

Finally, Tim Chapman from Hickman Shearer took to the stage to outline that capital assets employed in many sectors, especially transport, are rapidly changing to respond to the challenges of climate change. This session outlined how lessors have a key role to play in enabling low-carbon growth in funding these assets and as a result, asset valuation and sales are fundamentally changing.

The event then culminated in a personalised tour of the MINI Factory in Oxford allowing for attendees to network, share thoughts and explore the complete assembly process.

Tim Howard, Managing Director of Hickman Shearer said; “This inaugural Insiders Event has been a great opportunity to bring together those from across the leasing and finance sector to drive forward this critical topic. At Hickman Shearer, we are proud to be at the forefront of what is going on in this arena and keen to share our knowledge as we look to rapidly adapt to a new era in machinery and equipment funding.”

Hickman Shearer are planning to host further Insiders Events in the future, so if interested to know more about them, then please contact


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