Asset Management

Bridge the gap between finance and operational capital asset management

For financial directors and teams who need insight into capital asset budgets, funding and reporting considerations, also for operations directors and teams who need to maximise return on investment, Hickman Shearer’s asset management service provides:

  • Physical verification and electronic reconciliation of all operational assets with fixed asset registers and operational records
  • Alignment of asset management within operational and financial IT systems
  • Physical asset identification and tagging
  • End-of-life asset disposal strategies

How effective and on-going management of capital assets has a substantial and on-going positive impact on operations

Asset management services provide financial and operational directors and teams with the information they need to:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of each asset from financial and operational perspectives
  • Make informed decisions about short- and long-term asset management from multiple viewpoints, such as performance, profit and cost, risk and opportunity
  • Align asset acquisition challenges with end-of-life disposal strategies

Most importantly Hickman Shearer can:

  • Engage with all stakeholders across an organisation
  • Integrate financial and operational asset management
  • Make informed capital asset decisions