Food & Agriculture

Improve asset performance, reduce risk and increase return on investment

For those operating in the food & agriculture who need to manage:

  • A global population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050
  • Growth of the middle classes in BRIC countries, meaning the demographics of demand for food is changing
  • As a result the supply chain is being put under intense pressure
  • Climate change is expected to impact upon land use and water resources
  • Growing patterns reducing crop yields

A comprehensive range of sector specific services including:

Take into account that food and agriculture assets are:

  • Generic across multiple primary and secondary sectors
  • Part of a global mature resale market
  • Considered to have contrasting residual markets
  • Material balance sheet assets

Why sector expertise matters in the food and agriculture sector

Hickman Shearer’s experts understand the capital asset challenges associated with:

  • The differing processes and technologies
  • Health and contamination issues
  • The importance of efficient high performance processing equipment
  • Retaining accurate fixed asset records and information
  • Using book values to benchmark transactions

Asset valuation reports provide

  • Sector relevant expert advice
  • RICS regulated valuations
  • Evidence based market analysis
  • Relevant and robust recommendations and advice

Asset management services provide

  • Physical verification and electronic reconciliation of assets and systems
  • Asset tagging
  • Financial and operational asset integration systems
  • End-of-life asset strategies

Equipment sales services provide

  • Pre-sale valuation
  • Global marketing and advertising
  • On-line auctions and negotiated sales
  • RICS compliant accounting and reporting

So that those operating in the food and agriculture sector can:

  • Utilise valuations to respond to and resolve M&A, debt, financial, regulatory, tax, insurance and compulsory purchase issues
  • Improve asset performance and return on asset investment through improved asset management
  • Maximise the realisation of surplus or end-of-life assets

Your quality guarantee

Whatever your food and agriculture asset valuation or asset management requirement, you can be assured that Hickman Shearer’s work is clear, unambiguous and is conducted under RICS and other industry standard bases of value.

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