Hickman Shearer to host inaugural Insider Event

This inaugural Insider Event will explore ‘How will decarbonisation impact machinery and equipment funding?’ Hosted on 20th October 2023 at the MINI Factory in Oxford, this free event is ideal for those operating in the leasing and finance sectors who want to know and understand more about how the industry needs to respond to the sustainability conundrum.

Particularly focused on the impact on machinery and equipment funding, it will bring together industry experts including commercial vehicle specialists and asset management gurus. The dedicated speaker sessions will also combine with networking opportunities and a personalised tour of the MINI Factory.

The speakers will include Tim Campbell, from Campbells Consultancy who are helping light and heavy commercial vehicle fleets make the transition from diesel to electric / hydrogen fuel cell. Working on a global scale, Tim will offer insights on those wishing to evaluate how to make the switch to electric as a major step forward in striving towards zero emissions.

Alongside him, will be James Wallace from Elysia Battery Intelligence from WAE Technologies. WAE Technologies are focused on designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced batteries for the mass automotive, e-mobility and stationary energy storage markets. James will be sharing how battery software will give OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers access to insights to enhance life, safety and performance during the battery lifecycle. This technology is looking to unlock longer battery life, faster charging speeds, increase power and range while giving certainty to battery warranties, accuracy for residual value calculations and supporting battery financing models.

The final session will involve Tim Chapman from Hickman Shearer who leads the asset management service and has an MSc in Sustainable Design. Tim will be outlining the perils of stranded assets and how to address their impairment, while minimising their impact on the balance sheet value and profitability. Time will also share how adopting a circular economy methodology in used equipment sales is important both financially and operationally for asset owners.

The event will then culminate in a personalised tour of the MINI Factory in Oxford allowing for attendees to network, share thoughts and explore the complete assembly process.

If you are interested in joining Hickman Shearer at this event or being part of future Insider Events, then please contact for more information.


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