Indemnity and reinstatement cost asset valuations for insurance

Be confident that capital assets are insured at the right level

Ensure that capital assets including:

  • Buildings
  • Utilities and building services
  • Plant and equipment

Are adequately and correctly valued for insurance.

Obtain the advice you need to understand the differences and implications of cover for:

  • Indemnity
  • Reinstatement

Avoid the pitfall of under insured or over insured assets

In the event of a loss, know that claims may be subject to an ‘average clause’ meaning the full reinstatement cost may not be recovered.

In addition, know that you can avoid inflated premiums impacting operating costs, resulting from over insured assets.

Reflect value and risk

Asset valuations for insurance requires specialist skills to:

  • Reflect relevant clauses within your insurance policy and only include the assets where you have an insurable risk
  • Include or exclude, as appropriate, landlord and tenant building fixtures, rented assets and assets located at third party premises
  • Provide valuation figures summarised globally, by location or by building
  • Disaggregate total values by a minimum value threshold or asset type

Elsewhere consideration will be given to additional reinstatement costs and fees.

Your quality guarantee

Understanding capital asset valuation issues and in particular asset valuations for insurance requires insight, expertise and experience.

Hickman Shearer is a RICS regulated firm employing high calibre experienced RICS qualified professionals, each of whom has a successful track record of providing asset owners and their advisors with:

  • Robust and relevant asset valuations
  • Supporting detailed market analysis

Technical guidance and impartial, authoritative advice

The standards Hickman Shearer’s team works to are both demanded and recognised around the world, ensuring a trusted universal approach and a set of consistent skills globally.

Hickman Shearer has successfully provided asset valuations for insurance to all main insurance brokers and insurance companies including:

AGC, Akzo Nobel, Al Jaber, Brabantia, Cargill, Cherwell Laboratories, Chiron, Dr. Martens, Drytec, Fountain Television, Frans Maas, Fuji Chemicals, GDF Suez Unimar, GlaxoSmithKline, ICS Europaks, InterContinental Hotels, LG Chem, Ling Systems, Magnet, Manuli Hydraulics, Organon, Otis, Pfizer, Plaza Hotels, Rigid, Sara Lee, Styropack, Synbra Group, Total Group, VPK, Wandsworth Group, Whatman

Relevant experience 1

Calculating the replacement cost of twelve power stations

Relevant experience 2

Calculating the new replacement cost of a telecommunications network

Relevant experience 3

Under insurance eradicated at UK port operator

Relevant experience 4

Ongoing insurance reinstatement costs for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer

These engagements were performed by the Directors of Hickman Shearer in either their current or previous employment