Case Study

Sale of generators and spares for UK Power Company


Sembcorp a UK Power company operates micro-generation facilities across the UK.

As part of its ongoing reinvestment programme, they decided to release some funds by selling a portfolio of their older diesel generators and power station spares.

To maximise the extent of the sale, we inspected the assets and provided a detailed asset disposal presentation to achieve the best realisation.


From the large inventory of spares those with potential re-sale markets were identified. The balance of items being separated into various material types for scrap reprocessing. All remaining spares were reserved at over scrap pricing to maximise the sale potential.

A global marketing campaign was initiated in an accelerated timescale, attracting extensive interest and bidding from across the world.


As a consequence, the resultant sale and re-use of generation assets achieved well in excess of our valuation estimate.

Importantly, in addition the availability of free warehouse space was quickly achieved, and the commissioning company achieved a positive cost cash injection.


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