Case Study

Reconciling and verifying technical production assets


After having difficulties in internally identifying, verifying and reconciling physical assets with its fixed asset register, the world’s leading provider of enclosure systems for IT infrastructure, power distribution and climate control, was seeking assistance in performing this exercise to satisfactory completion and in line with auditor requirements.


After building a comprehensive capital asset hierarchy structure, we inspected and recorded the manufacturer, model, description, serial number and year of manufacture of over 1200 assets at the clients manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Each scheduled asset was allocated an individual barcoded asset tag and the clients fixed asset register was enhanced and reconciled against this schedule.


The outcome of our work enabled the organisation’s senior finance and operations teams to both have clear site electronically and physically of the financial and technical asset information and specification. This enabled them to jointly make evidence based decisions across many aspects of the business from planned and reactive maintenance to capital expenditure and asset finance.


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