Asset Portfolio Returns

Unique industrial machinery, vehicles and fleet returns can offer distinct complexities when looking at their return value. Achieving maximum value at the end of their lifetime is imperative to getting the most financial gain from the initial outlay. Proper marketing to those specifically interested in a particular piece of kit or fleet can optimise the initial investment, give the potential for high returns, and a boost to bottom lines.

Why Hickman Shearer?

  • Specialist asset managers that turn assets into real value through sales.
  • Extensive experience of small, mid to large scale fleets and their return.
  • Scalable approach that works with light to heavy weight transport.
  • Ability to recognise the intricacies of the market including the rise of electric vehicles.
  • Proven and recognised methods and formulas to ascertain a true value.
  • Tailored, targeted campaigns to effectively market the assets.
  • Skilled in valuing and selling used or surplus fleet.

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