Asset verification and auditing

Learn why asset verification and auditing is a vital tool in asset management

For those owning or operating asset rich organisations, asset verification and auditing services:

  • Link financial and operational information
  • Verify asset existence
  • Track asset locations and movements
  • Physically and electronically identify and tag assets
  • Reconcile asset records with unique asset ID tag numbering
  • Track acquisitions and disposals

Link asset tagging to asset records

Link disparate asset information systems with unique numbered asset tags.

Static and RFID bar coded asset tags can be utilised in many different environments, from offices and mobile plant to foundries and laboratories.

Furthermore know that asset tagging compliments existing asset management processes as well as providing a valuable start to wider asset management programmes.

Correct inaccurate asset registers

Verify existing assets with the fixed asset register. Correct errors, using physical and computerised matching.

As a result accurately report verified assets, additions and deletions in the fixed asset register so that you can accurately re-state net book values to your balance sheet.

Know that Hickman Shearer will work with your auditors to evidence this work.

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