Financial reporting and balance sheet

Satisfy IFRS and GAAP accounting standards

Obtain accurate and robust asset valuations that apply relevant financial reporting standards, so that you can:

  • Verify or restate capital asset book values
  • For acquisitions allocate the purchase price between tangible and intangible assets and goodwill

How asset valuations support financial reporting

Business valuers and auditors trust Hickman Shearer to understand the different accounting standards and apply industry accepted best practice when calculating fair values to support financial reporting.

Asset valuations of property, plant and equipment assets (PP&E) for financial reporting are guided by relevant standards including:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) standard 13 (IFRS 13)
    • Provides the guidelines to measure fair value
  • IFRS 3
    • Provides guidelines for business combinations, requiring PP&E assets and inventory to be measured at fair value at the acquisition date
  • International Accounting Standards (IAS) 2 and 16 Guidelines for valuing inventory and PP&E
  • UK FRS 102 (replaces UK GAAP with section 11)
    • Guidelines in relation to fair value and section 17 providing specific guidance in relation to PP&E valuation Your quality guarantee

Understanding capital asset valuation issues requires insight, expertise and experience.

Hickman Shearer is a RICS regulated firm employing high calibre experienced RICS qualified professionals, each of whom has a successful track record of providing asset owners and their advisors with:

  • Robust and relevant asset valuations
  • Supporting detailed market analysis
  • Technical guidance and impartial, authoritative advice

The standards Hickman Shearer’s team works to are both demanded and recognised around the world, ensuring a trusted universal approach and a set of consistent skills globally.


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