Dispute resolution, litigation and expert witness testimony

Resolve disputes with asset valuation advice

Assist litigants with expert testimony:

  • Acting for either litigant or as independent witness

Obtain expert witness valuations testimony

Assist litigants and the court in its decision making with expert witness valuation reports:

  • Reporting in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Direction 35 and Family Procedure Rules – Practice Direction 25B
  • Acting as either independent expert witness testimony or single joint witness
  • Experience in court cross-examination

Your quality guarantee

Understanding capital asset valuation issues requires insight, expertise and experience.

Hickman Shearer is a RICS regulated firm employing high calibre experienced RICS qualified professionals, each of whom has a successful track record of providing asset owners and their advisors with:

• Robust and relevant asset valuations

• Supporting detailed market analysis

• Technical guidance and impartial, authoritative advice

The standards Hickman Shearer’s team works to are both demanded and recognised around the world, ensuring a trusted universal approach and a set of consistent skills globally.

Tim Chapman FRICS, MSc


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