The insurance policyAsset valuation and asset management for the insurance sector

Establish accurate reinstatement values and reduce risk of insurance losses

For insurers, brokers and companies who need to reduce the risk of potentially costly and damaging insurance losses.

Hickman Shearer’s comprehensive range of services for:


Explore reinstatement and indemnity valuations:

  • Establish accurate values and identify asset risk for complex and captive insurance schemes
  • Obtain the information required to quantify insurance risk and premium calculations

For insurers and brokers:

  • Ensure your clients are adequately insured
  • Minimise asset risk

Asset valuation reports provide

  • Comprehensively researched and presented cost analysis
  • Values reported by country, location or asset by asset
  • An estimate of relevant additional costs and fees

Asset management services provide

Complete verification of capital assets by category and location so that you can:

  • Provide evidence of assets by location
  • Integrate values with maintenance and risk analysis
  • Provide increased asset transparency to reduce risk and premium levels

Your quality guarantee

Whatever your insurance asset valuation or asset management requirement, you can be assured that Hickman Shearer’s work is clear, unambiguous and is conducted under RICS and other asset management industry standard bases of value.

Furthermore you can be confident in the knowledge that Hickman Shearer has long standing relationships with the global insurance market.

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Calculating the replacement cost of twelve power stations

These engagements were performed by the Directors of Hickman Shearer in either their current or previous employment