Broadcast and communications

broadcast and communications assetsCapital asset valuation, management and used equipment sales for the broadcast and communication sector

Improve asset performance, reduce risk and increase return on investment

For the broadcast and communication sector, who are embracing immense technological changes to the way we communicate and receive media content.

A comprehensive range of sector specific services including:

Take into account the fact that broadcast and communications assets are:

  • Long life infrastructure assets
  • Short life technology and transmission assets
  • Spatially diverse
  • Material balance sheet assets

Why sector expertise matters in the broadcast and communications sector

Hickman Shearer’s experts understand the capital asset challenges associated with:

  • Expanding and complex physical networks
  • ‘Next generation’ technologies
  • Asset sharing and rights of use over different assets
  • Broadcasting and telecommunications merging into joint operating platforms
  • Retaining accurate fixed asset records and information
  • Using book values to benchmark transactions

Asset valuation reports provide

  • Sector relevant expert advice
  • RICS regulated valuations
  • Evidence based market analysis
  • Relevant and robust recommendations and advice

Asset management services provide

  • Physical verification and electronic reconciliation of assets and systems
  • Asset tagging
  • Financial and operational asset integration systems
  • End-of-life asset strategies

Equipment sales services provide

  • Pre-sale valuation
  • Global marketing and advertising
  • On-line auctions and negotiated sales
  • RICS compliant accounting and reporting

So that those operating in the broadcast and communications sector can:

  • Utilise valuations to respond to and resolve M&A, debt, financial, regulatory, tax, insurance and compulsory purchase issues
  • Improve asset performance and return on asset investment through improved asset management
  • Maximise the realisation of surplus or end-of-life assets

Your quality guarantee

Whatever your broadcast and communication sector asset valuation, management or used equipment sales challenges, you can be assured that Hickman Shearer’s work is relevant, robust and compliant with RICS professional standards.

Join the list of broadcast and communications clients that we have successfully assisted:

BT, Fountain Television, Gearhouse, ITV, Presteigne Broadcast, Sky, Vodafone

Relevant experience 1

Calculating the new replacement cost of a telecommunications network

Relevant experience 2

Interpreting the cost and value of a regulated asset

Relevant experience 3

Global telephone M&A deal supported by asset valuation

These engagements were performed by the Directors of Hickman Shearer in either their current or previous employment