Banking & Investor

Minimise risk and maximise leverage

For those in the banking, commercial lending and investor sector who need capital asset valuation or technical due-diligence services to support the provision of additional working capital or acquisition finance for a business.

Also valuations of securitised assets for balance sheet and loan-to-value regulatory reporting.

A comprehensive range of sector specific services covering:

Whether you are an:

  • Investor including private equity
  • Asset-based lender
  • Lessor
  • Debt advisory or M&A advisor

Use capital asset valuation and technical due-diligence to maximise asset leverage and minimise risk

  • Obtain tailored advice to meet lender and investor risk and underwriting criteria
  • Optimise your ability to leverage different asset categories including debtors, inventory and plant and machinery for funding
  • Verify and securitise the assets

For asset-based lenders

  • Gross and net valuation of debtors, inventory, plant and machinery
  • Comprehensively researched market valuations
  • Calculation of ‘borrowing base’
  • Asset schedules for securitisation and asset tagging
  • Asset risk clarification and exit cost commentary
  • Regular ‘mark to market’ valuations

For lessors

  • Day one and future residual values
  • Clarification of day one costs
  • Asset risk clarification and exit cost commentary
  • Asset identification and tagging

For investors and private equity making an acquisition

  • Technical due-diligence of acquired capital assets
  • Physical verification and electronic reconciliation
  • Technical asset review
  • Identification and integration of capital assets
  • Raising debt
  • Market analysis
  • Debt negotiation, advice and support
  • Valuations of debtors, inventory, plant and machinery
  • Calculation of ‘borrowing base’

For debt and M&A advisors

  • Day one estimates of debt levels
  • Comparison of different debt solutions
  • Detailed debtor, inventory and plant and machinery valuations
  • Presentations and support with debt providers

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Asset equipment sales

Understand asset realisation and sale options including:

  • Estimated financial outcomes
  • Market reports identifying market risks
  • Global asset marketing
  • On-line auction and negotiated sale platforms
  • RICS compliant accounting and reporting issues

IFRS and accounting

Obtain independent evidence based valuations of securitised assets for financial accounting including:

  • Debtors, inventory, plant and machinery
  • To review loan to value ratios
  • To support the financial audit

Your quality guarantee

Whatever your banking, commercial lending or investment asset valuation or asset management requirement, you can be assured that Hickman Shearer’s work is clear, unambiguous and is conducted under RICS and other asset management industry standard bases of value.

Furthermore Hickman Shearer is trusted and included on the panels of all major lenders.


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